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It's time to step up with Citta Italia – a legacy you can truly be proud of.

Citta Italia Bacoor City

Citta Italia Overview

Property Developer: Crown Asia
Project Location: Along Buhay Na Tubig and Along Molino Road, Bacoor, Cavite
Turnover Date: RFO / Preselling
Unit Sizes: Starting at 85 sqm
Price Range: Php 5,500,000 and up

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Citta Italia Philippines

Citta Italia By Crown Asia

Classic like the works of Verdi and Puccini, Citta Italia homes captivates you by an offering of cosmopolitan lifestyle and elegance in Bacoor, Cavite. Its sundrenched colors allow homes to harmonize with nature, creating a contemporary sophistication that celebrates luxurious comfort. Crown Asia delivers its promise of bringing only the higher quality of life to you and your family, evident in every detail of Citta Italia's design, planning, and layout. Its delicate charm imbues the lifestyle you deserve with a bit of romantic fantasy, that's a legacy you can truly be proud of. Citta Italia homes compel a classical facade to welcome you to a community that is exclusively designed to witness the magnificent grace of true Tuscan lifestyle. All 15 phases in this community are well-gated and guarded to ensure your safety and security your new home at Citta Italia is a legacy you can truly be proud of.

Citta Italia is a development project by Crown Asia, which is a subsidiary of Vista Land & Lifescapes, Inc. Citta Italia is an exclusive community covering 80 hectares of land area. It is located in Molino Boulevard in Barangay Molino 2, in Bacoor, Cavite. It is the hottest new real estate community in Cavite, known for its Italian and Mediterranean inspired home designs.

As the name implies, the architectural style of the homes in Citta Italia is infused with the design elements from Italy. The look and feel of this community and its homes combine the essence of classic and elegance. It enables future homeowners to experience a cosmopolitan lifestyle in Cavite with its use of sundrenched color palettes. Hence, it allows the home designs to blend in with nature and establish a contemporary sophistication. At Citta Italia, luxury sophistication is the main priority for its developers at Crown Asia.

Crown Asia is a private real estate company that is one of the leaders when it comes to providing quality and beautiful homes for Filipino homes. This same real estate company is responsible for developing other major projects such as Ponticelli, Valenza, Amalfi, Augustine Grove and La Marea. The company was founded in 195 and has since been dedicating its services to the development of residential properties targeting the upper middle income market. It is also a subsidiary of the Vista Land and Lifescapes Inc. Both of these companies are names that are recognizable in the country’s real estate industry for their respective commitments to upholding world-class standard in design and construction quality. In addition, the residential development and exclusive community at Citta Italia offers a wide range of amenities that can compete with more expensive developments.

The promise offered by Crown Asia to offer higher quality of life to future homeowners in this development is evident in the attention to detail. From the design, planning and layout, everything imbues the kind of lifestyle that this community hopes to establish. Indeed, homeowners will feel like they are on vacation somewhere in Tuscany province of Italy with the brightly colored homes and elegant details. But resort living can now be enjoyed at home, thanks to the stylishly designed homes in Citta Italia.

If you are curious about the house models available at Citta Italia, here are the classifications for each:

  • Sapphire: This is the first house model available at Citta Italia in Bacoor, Cavite. This is a 4-bedroom house with 3 bathrooms. The entire floor area measures 100 square meters. It is a 2-storey premium, single detached home in this exclusive community priced at PhP 7.4 million. The minimum lot area for the Sapphire house model is 143 square meters. There is also a provision for one carport.
  • Torelli: This is the second house model available at Citta Italia and is a bit more expensive at PhP 8.4 million. This model requires a minimum of 121 square meters in lot area and has a floor area of 119 square meters. This is also a 2-storey model and single detached type. Just like the Sapphire model, it has 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms with a provision for one carport.
  • Martini: At PhP 7.9 million, Martini is a 2-storey, single detached home with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. The floor area measures at 109 square meters and the lot area is a minimum of 110 square meters. There is also a provision for one carport at this particular house model.
  • Francesco: This house model is currently priced at PhP 7.6 million and consists of 5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. This model has one of the largest floor areas among the models available at 142 square meters. Meanwhile, the minimum lot area is 132 square meters. There is a provision for a carport for this particular model.
  • Bellini: This is a 2-storey, single detached house model at Citta Italia. It has a floor area of 109 square meters and has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.  The lot area is 163 square meters.
  • Pearl: This is another 2-storey, single detached model at Citta Italia priced at PhP 7.6 million. It has an average floor area of 93 square meters with 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. There is available space for a carport.
  • Calista: This house and lot model in Citta Italia is a 2-storey home with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. It is priced at PhP 5.7 million with a floor area of 86 square meters. This house model has a provision for one carport.
  • Murano: This is the most expensive house model available at Citta Italia at PhP 13.3 million. The floor area for this house model is 155 square meters. This house model has 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms with a carport.
  • Emerald: The Emerald Model is the second most expensive model at Citta Italia, next only to Murano, at PhP 11 million. It has 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. Meanwhile, the floor area is 143 square meters with a provision for a carport.

The homes in Citta Italia are now ready for occupancy. You can choose from any of the house 2- or 3-bedroom house models listed above, according to your family’s needs and budget.

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Citta Italia - Price List

Citta Italia For Sale
Unit Type For Sale Prices Area(sq.m.) Notes
Lot Only ₱ 5,500,000 85 Other Cuts Available
Martini ₱ 14,200,000 109 Other Cuts Available
Francesco ₱ 18,700,000 142 Other Cuts Available
Beryl ₱ 21,600,000 177 Other Cuts Available
Lladro ₱ 27,000,000 211 Other Cuts Available
Alessia ₱ 15,400,000 60 Other Cuts Available

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