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One of the most distinctive features about Citta Italia as a residential development is the beautiful Italian-inspired home designs. However, the beautifully designed homes is just one aspect of this development project by Crown Asia. It also proudly offers world-class amenities that make the resort-style living in this exclusive community possible. Although the location makes it accessible to a wide range of recreational and leisure destinations, residents can also enjoy a wide range of exclusive amenities available only to homeowners.

The thematic atmosphere is evident the moment you enter the guard house into this exclusive community. Rather than being in Bacoor, Cavite, it feels more like you are somewhere in Italy with its beautiful and inspired homes. Citta Italia also has its own clubhouse, which is available for functions and other special events. This can also serve as a gathering place for the residents of this community for special events at the neighborhood. The architecture of the clubhouse is consistent with the design theme for the homes within this community. It is also designed like a Mediterranean mansion with a huge fountain right by the entrance.

Located close to the Clubhouse is a sprawling swimming pool. This swimming pool is available for all residents to use.  There is also another smaller swimming pool for children. This is the spot to lounge in and cool off during summer or spend your afternoon with the family. If you are looking for other types of recreational activities, you can engage in your favorite sports activities. There are two large courts available to choose from: basketball and tennis court. Both courts are located in an outdoor setting. If basketball or tennis is not your thing, there are also scenic jogging trails available in this exclusive community.

On top of the recreational facilities and amenities available for residents of Citta Italia, there are also premium utilities available. These facilities ensure that all residents can live in peace and quiet without worrying about safety and security. For example, the entire community is protected by perimeter fencing. There are also buffer trees along the boundary lots. All communication, power and cable lines are located overhead. Meanwhile, residents can follow a regular garbage collection schedule, which takes place every other day. Finally, a professional property management team has been tapped to ensure that all of the facilities and amenities are well-maintained. In addition, it is their responsibility to ensure that all of the needs of the residents are satisfied and if there are any concerns that they are addressed in a timely manner.

  • Piazza de Citta Italia Clubhouse
  • Swimming Pool
  • Function Hall
  • Basketball Court
  • Tennis Court
  • Children's Playground
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The most important feature that Citta Italia boasts off is the security. There is a 24-hour security system in place and at least 2 guards are stationed at the gate at all times. In addition to the guards at the gate, there is also a roaming guard that monitors any activity within the neighborhood round the clock. All of the security personnel that are hired to guard this exclusive community are licensed and well-trained to ensure protection for all residents.

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